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Turnkey solutions for manufacturing bio gas, bio cng, bio electricity and biomass briquettes

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We are technocrats with more than 20 years of experience in waste to energy field.

We are very focused in our work and we do not suggest any standard plant available but study your exact requirement to suggest the best available combination of the accessories comprising the biogas manufacturing plant. It is noted that most plants fail because others suggest the machinery without going into deep study. Our aim is not to make money at your cost and loss. 

Please do not expect us to tell you the price and which pant will be sold to you on telephonic conversation with out even knowing your requirement and your available resources. If someone does this, then he is not serious or polished bio gas plant supplier, and we suggest you to keep away from such suppliers else your biogas plant will fail soon after installation.


Biogas India is focused to generate self employment for youth in the country with removal of harmful waste by converting it into bio CNG, bio electricity and bio cooking gas. Simultaneously generating free organic manure for the farmers at very cheap rate.


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