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We are manufacturer of biogas plant and double layered biogas balloon. We provide consultancy to set up biogas and CNG plants and undertake turnkey projects. We provide turnkey solution to set up CNG pump.

There is very good scope for bio CNG pumps as there is shortage of CNG pumps. The petrol costs are rising. It is also advisable to start converting garbage, green agricultural waste or cowdung into biogas and CNG. This way the village and city would become clean of garbage and economical, cheap biogas fuel can be obtained.

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Biogas can be used as household fuel and industrial fuel and can replace LPG, wood and coal. It does not emit smoke and is therefore healthy to use in village homes. Biogas can be generated and supplied round the clock in contrast to solar and wind, which are intermittent in nature. Biogas plants provide three-in-one solution of gaseous fuel generation, organic manure production and wet biomass waste disposal/management.

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CNG can be used in vehicles and in industries. It is clean and green fuel and does not cause air pollution. Use of CNG in cars would invite healthy living in cities. Hence, government is encouraging use of biogas and CNG. Government is encouraging setting up of CNG pumps all over India.

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Manufacturing process of biogas gives organic fertilizer and carbon dioxide as by product. One can earn huge amount of money by selling organic fertilizer along with biogas and CNG.

With about 304 million cattle in India and lot of agriculture waste, and green waste from cities, there exists an immense potential of about 38,240 million cubic meter of biogas generation annually. The unemployed youth should exploit this great self employment potential by starting biogas business.  

There is plenty of municipal waste, vegetable market waste, kitchen waste, garden waste, flower waste from temples, wet garbage from housing societies, etc that can be sourced as free raw material because disposing these is a big problem.

Visit our photo gallery to see the photos of the bio gas and CNG manufacturing plant.

Biogas India has a team of highly qualified engineers and experienced professionals to look into the turn key solutions for your biogas or CNG pump startup endeavors. 

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